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Since his accident in 2015 Darcy has received some remarkable care firstly in Poland & The UK and now in Australia.
He has enlisted at the acclaimed ‘Making Strides’ facility near his home on the Gold Coast and undergoes a managed treatment and rehabilitation programme that continues to deliver great benefits. The team have been incredibly impressed with Darcy’s resilience and have stated that his strength is outstanding particularly in the short space of time since sustaining his injury.
He reports that, since joining the programme, he has improved his upper body strength sufficiently to support himself unaided, whilst sitting, and his lower body is getting a full workout on a regular basis.
Now settled in a more suitable home with only minor adjustments needed to make it fully accessible to him, Lizzie and Darcy are adapting to their new lifestyle.
Lizzie is committed to being Darcy’s full time carer and is a constant tower of strength.
Always one to grasp a challenge with both hands, Darcy continues to show incredible inner strength and determination to overcome this life changing situation and is an inspiration to his family, friends, colleagues and thousands of fans.

Making Strides is a friendly, family oriented spinal cord injury recovery centre that delivers quality controlled rehabilitation to improve their client’s quality of life. They develop programs that are tailored to each individual focussing on functional gains. Some of their clients will reach their goals of standing and walking, while others may simply roll over independently or hold a loved one. Making Strides know that exercise and movement is imperative for a healthy mind and body and they assist everybody in getting out of their chairs to achieve these benefits. 
 All of their trainers are university qualified, have years of training experience and they offer the latest in training techniques in spinal cord injury rehabilitation to give their clients the best chance to make strides in their recovery.

Making Strides want to give everyone a sense of purpose, passion and comfort. 
Their facility has been constructed from the ground up with a client-minded vision to ensure that their home feels like the clients home. They are constantly renovating and making upgrades, they are determined to create a positive and fun environment and to best suit the needs of all they have the pleasure to serve.   
They use new training equipment to deliver cutting edge programs and offer their clients the best hope of reaching their goals.
Making Strides has big plans for future expansions and upgrades so they can continue to deliver the highest quality treatment.

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